Two problems with Layout

  • I have a project with 10 flows. If I edit something in one flow sometimes the staff spacing in another flow changes. This is not reproducible and “Undo” doesn’t help.

  • In another project the vertical position of some tempo indications change sometimes a little bit if I edit notes. Also not reproducible and “Undo” doesn’t help.

The first problem you were reported is a bug which manifests itself when dealing with frames. I’ve been told that it’s already fixed and will make it in the next update.

I have encountered this bug as well.

I experienced this bug too, both with tempo indications and text indications (shift+X). The staff would move itself once I exit the text mode, and the text got “mixed” into the staff… More often, that bug would make the space between the text object (or tempo) insanely big (according to Dorico’s great standards)