Two problems

If I close an audio file in WL 11 and I try to go to the finder and try to erase it the warning comes up that the file is still open in WL even though it is not. I am running the latest version of Windows 10.

It would be nice if by right clicking on the file window in WL I could delete a file and not have to close WL to delete the file.

So far WL 11 has been ultra stable. I just did six hours of cassette transfers and not one problem the whole time. However WL11 seems to take a long time to load at startup even when I am going to start a new file. Is WL11 doing somethings in the background that previous WL programs were doing? I am running the “splash screen” at startup. Some times WL 11 takes over a minute to open up.

Suggestions welcome!

Somehow, the file is still open in WaveLab. A common case: a part of it was copied inside the WaveLab clipboard.

One case I have already seen, is that the WaveLab file browser points to some folder on a network path that is not available. Could it be the case?

I understand about the file but I did not work on it or put it on the clipboard. I just put it in the edit window. I guess I have to look farther.

I will check on the file browser BUT I only open files that are on my mastering computer or one of its internal “work drives” I don’t open files across the network.

Thanks as always for the helpful replies…

So here is a strange one. I still have WL 9.5.5, WL 10 and WL 11 on my computer. It was taking way to long for WL 11 to open. WL 9 took about 15 seconds, WL 10 about 3 seconds and WL 11 up to a minute. I had not opened WL 9 or 10 recently so I opened 9 and 10 and it loaded in some new plugins from Izotope that I had purchased recently. So I again checked WL 9 and it was about 15 seconds, WL 10 about 3 seconds and NOW WL 11 about 3 seconds. So what is going on??? Why would updating the plugins on another version of WL have anything to do with the speed of opening of WL 11.

Spooky and Halloween is long gone. Ideas???

Are you using separate setting folders for WaveLab 10 and 11?
The answer is yes if you have the following option. In which case the versions can’t interact.

I checked both versions of WL and they are set up for Independent for Each User.
I did notice that the external editors were not updated. So I updated them to what I currently use.

Thanks for the suggestion.
It is working now so I guess I will just leave it.