Two projects, one folder

Due to inexperience, I’ve started (and completed) two projects in the same project folder. I began to realize that it might cause problems, as Cubase uses the track names by default for the names of the audio and image files. Fortunately I had used different track names in each project, so it is still clear which files belong to each project.

I would like to separate them now, if I can do so safely. Can I simply create an empty project and then (outside of Cubase) move the appropriate .cpr, .wav, .peak and .bak files from the old folder to the new one? I’m hoping that the .cpr file only refers to the other files by relative pathnames, so relocating the project will not break anything.

“Backup project”

Indeed. Cubase will take care of all files when using that option.

Open one of your original song mixes with the 2 songs in it.
Remove all the midi, audio, locators etc of the other song you do not want in this project (in the arange window).

Now use: file> “backup project”(C6) or: file> “save to new folder” (older versions) to save this file to a new folder.
In the next popup you can specify the new location (= project map), name of the song, and tell cubase to copy used audiofiles only.

Now do the same with the other song.

You should now have two new projectfolders with sorted audiofiles, and the original with all the files.

You can also sort your “older” cpr files of the songs into the correct folder, you have to “tell” cubase once in which projectmap to look for audio when opening.


Thanks to all for your replies. Everything is sorted and tidy, now.