Two projects open and windows behaviors

I open a project. Open a second project in the same time, do not activate it. The position of the first project window is now changed (is no more full screen). The video window has an uncorrect ratio.


The position is shared among the projects. You cannot set one position in project A and other one in project B.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. I am not sure we talk about the same thing. My first project is opened. Main project window is maximized on my main screen. I open the second project, its main project windows is maximized on my main screen. But the one from the first project is not reduced, no more maximized


I see, I didn’t get it. I was thinking you are talking about the project cursor position, but you mean the window position.

I’m sorry, then I don’t know…

Yes, the main project window goes to “restore” instead of “maximize”. And the video window goes into an inappropriate ratio. Picture is stretched. I need to close and reopen the video window to solve that.