Two questions about condensing

having finished a major work for fun(“Till Eulenspiegel” by Richard Strauss) and encountered two problems:

  1. In the uncondensed score I hide the brackets for tuplets. In the condensed score, they reappear. I’ve tried to transfer properties, but that doesn’t seem to work.
  2. sometimes the slurs in the clarinets (1+2) vanish, if they are condensed. See the attached images and the file.
    Can You help me?
    Thanks id advance

Strauss Till Eulenspiegel V2.0.dorico (2.5 MB)

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Welcome to the forum, Martin. For the tuplets, if you switch to Engrave mode and select the tuplets on the condensed staves, you can edit the appearance of the tuplets using the Properties panel. Some items have separate properties for uncondensed and condensed staves, and you cannot propagate properties between those two conditions.

The issue with the slurs in the clarinets is caused by you having used many different voices throughout the parts. The clarinet 1 part, for example, has no fewer than six up-stem voices. You shouldn’t need to use different voices like this: I would suggest going to galley view, selecting the whole of the clarinet 1 part, and choosing Edit > Voice > Change Voice > Up-stem Voice 1. That should sort it out.

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Hello Daniel,
thank You very much - that solved the problems.