Two questions about engrave mode

  1. How do you select bars in order to use the “make into system” function? I feel like I’m being incredibly dumb and missed something very obvious, but the marquee select tool does not appear to allow you to select e.g. one system and then only the first bar of the next system (because it only produces rectangular selections), and shift-clicking doesn’t work the same way it does in write mode.

  2. The first page of one flow is no longer displaying its title/subtitle. I did not intentionally remove them and I’m not sure how to get them back.

  1. You don’t need to select the whole thing. Just click the first note and Cmd/Ctrl-click the last note.

  2. Is the Subtitle still showing in Project Info? (bottom right corner of Setup mode)

Thanks, that works. I’ve been ⌘-clicking in the middle of bars to no effect, but it does seem like you can’t select an entire bar in engrave mode, which is a little counterintuitive.

  1. Is the Subtitle still showing in Project Info? (bottom right corner of Setup mode)

There’s nothing in the bottom right corner of Setup mode for me except this

but when I select Project Info from the File menu, title and subtitle for the selected flow are still showing.

Try clicking the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the picture you posted (obviously click where that corresponds in Dorico, not the actual picture!)

But back to the question. Go into Engrave mode and double click the title on your first page. With any luck you’ll see that the title then turns into the token {@flowTitle@} or possibly {@projectTitle@}. Place the cursor at the end of the token, hit Return/Enter for a new line and type {@flowSubtitle@}. You can then select that text and use the top left dropdown on the text formatting bar (widget?) to style it as “Subtitle” (which will follow Default formatting options) or you can use the other drop downs there to change the font, size, bold/italics etc.

That cog is the layout options… which don’t have anything flow-specific in them that I can see.

The cog on the left, not the cog on the right!

I can’t tell left from right because I’m an adult :’) The other one is notation options, which have nothing about titles/master pages/etc. Neither one is project info.

Part of the problem is that on this first page of the flow, there is no title or subtitle, and there should be one. The “First” master page is working at the start of every other flow, but not this one; see attachments:

I’m sorry. I was wrong!
I have to confess I set up a keyboard shortcut for Project Info so I absolutely never click anywhere for it.
I was remembering where it is, rather than what it is that you click.
Right-click on any flow in the bottom panel of Setup mode and a menu pops up with Project Info on it.

In the top right corner of Engrave mode, above Master Pages, there’s a Pages panel. Scroll down to page 32. Does it show a red corner? If so, right-click on it and “Remove Page Override(s)”.

Thank you, that was what I was looking for—I knew the “remove overrides” option would fix the problem, but I absolutely could not find it, because I kept looking for the command in the Engrave/Edit/View menus and it’s not in any of them, but rather only accessible through the top right hand panel.

I guess my only remaining question is: what happened to cause the override in the first place? I know I didn’t intentionally change anything on that page, and my only thought is that it could have been a result of reformatting the music on the previous page (which under dorico’s default casting off rules had been a “widow system”, so I recast the previous pages so that there would be enough bars to fill two systems on the final page, and adjusted the staff spacing to match).

Good question. It could be that you inadvertently adjusted, deleted (or even added) a frame at some point, possibly when the previous flow was still taking up part of page 24. Regardless, you now know where the solution is, and that’s the most important thing.