Two questions about MIDI dynamics

  1. Is it possible to extract dynamics info from an audio file which would convert to CC data (like hitpoints for dynamics)?

  2. How can I copy velocity data to CC data?


In the Sample Editor > Hitpoints tab, click to Create MIDI Notes. In the Create Hitpoints from MIDI Notes, make sure the Velocity Mode is set to Dynamic Velocity. Then you will get MIDI Notes, which will follow the dynamics.

Then you can use MIDI Logical Editor to Insert a MIDI CCs out of the MIDI Notes, which will use the Velocity value.

Can you describe this step in more detail? I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste the velocity data to CC.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Filter Target
(Type is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Type | Set to fixed value | Controller
Value 1 | Set to  fixed value | 11 //for MIDI CC11 (Expression); It will automatically switch to the B-2