Two questions about playback in the Score Editor.


I have two question for anyone who can help:

  1. Is it possible to start or set the playback at the mouse position in the score editor?

(If not, is it possible to move the transport playback location to a specific location by perhaps clicking on a note?)

  1. Is it possible to playback just a set of selected notes in the score editor?

Many thanks!

Hello Babak,

  1. Since there is no timeline in the score editor page, I guess you need to use the transport panel or your key commands to navigate. Unless I’m missing something…

  2. Yes. Select your notes, push the solo button (second one on the top left), navigate to you desired position, and play.

Good luck.

Shift+Alt click at any position in the Score, puts the Play Cursor at that position (then of course play resumes from there :wink: )

  1. Is it possible to playback just a set of selected notes in the score editor?

Select the desired notes, then Transport Menu>“Play Selection Range”.

My system lets me click anywhere on a blank bit of the score and the playback cursor jumps straight to there… Perhaps this is because I have the ‘click on empty space locates play cursor’ preference set?

You could use the L key to locate to the left of the selection, so you could select some notes, press L and the Space or Enter to play. But that won’t necessarily play only the selected notes, it’ll play all unmuted notes starting from the selection.


GargoyleStudio, I only recently moved to 7.5 from SX3 (yes), and am slowly finding my way around the new neighbourhood. In SX3, I too used to move the Score Editor cursor by simply clicking on an empty space, but I can’t find that as an option in File-Preferences-Score-Editing. Where are you able to find the “click on empty space locates play cursor” in the preferences?
Thanks, in advance, for such helpful info!