Two questions - cubase 9

Okay just upgraded to C9 and Os Sierra - extremely painful process. 2 questions -

1/ what’s happened to the right mouse click object selection function as per cubase 8? it was extremely useful and now has gone? i’ve searched the key commands and cannot find how to configure it. pls help

2/ snap grid function. in cubase 8 you could set the snap to beats, increase the resolution then simply drag any audio or midi event to nearest relevant beat / bar (i.e. vertical line within the grid within the project) - snapped into position with ease. Now cubase 9 this has gone? Surely not. I’ve tried tweaking the snap settings and cannot get it to snap back to the beats / bars individual lines as per cubase 8 at all - except for the main bars. I just want to increase the resolution / beats per bar-/ bars per bar whatever it takes to snap this stuff back into place. No manual zooming in and adjusting by hand. Pls advise - this is kind of REALLY important

thank you so much, T

Both are still there exactly the same.

  1. Right click on an event to either open toolbar or Ctrl + right-click to open context menu
  2. Events snap to grid as usual when snap is active on the toolbar and grid is selected in the menu (with bars and beats on the timeline, select bar, beat or use quantize in the grid type menu)

Select Help and do a search for ‘snap to grid’. It’s all in there.