Two questions from a newbie

First, I can’t find where to get it on Cubase Artist 6 to recognize my usb headset for sound. Any help on this?

And I ordered a VST Hypnotic Dance Instrument set when I ordered Cubase Artist 6 and I don’t know how to activate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

USB headset is probably a bad idea, but to get it to work your best bet is to download ASIO4all and set that up as your ASIO driver in Cubase.

You may need to activate it with the e-Licencer key. Did you receive an activation code? I’ve never ordered the soundsets but the upgrade of padshop requied this.

Does Hypnotic Dance even work with Halion Sonic SE, which is delivered with Cubase? I got these sounds for my full version of Halion Sonic so therefore you might want to check this out first.