Two questions in one

I’m new to Dorico, coming from Sibelius and there’s a couple of things i cant wrap my head around.

First: Do I need to use Halion for sound or can i use any other VSTi, if so, how? Been searching high and low and the only sound I hear is the metronome.

Second: Sibelius automatically fit guitar/guitartab using 2 bars on every row and fit it nicely. I can’t seem to find how to do this in Dorico. When going to Engrave every row show everything from 60%-110%. One thing I think mess things up is the glissandos. When using glissando between two notes the space between is insane. I could easily fit 5 notes in that space. In Sibelius the space between notes using glissando is about the same as between two notes not using glissando. How can i fix this?

If you’re using Dorico Pro, then you have access to Library > Engraving Options, and you’ll find options on the Glissando Lines page for the minimum length for glissandos. Try reducing that.

For playback, if you’re only hearing the metronome, perhaps you haven’t properly installed the supplied sounds? Does Dorico warn you when it starts up that sound content is missing? Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can see what might be going on there.

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You can also set a fixed casting off in Layout Options, forcing two bars per system.

Yes I do this regularly.

(this may be specific to Dorico Pro) Go to the play view. Select the tab which says ‘VST and MIDI’. Click the plus sign to add a VSTi plugin installed on your computer. It is now made available within your Dorico project.

Return to the Track Inspector tab and under ‘routing’ you can then select that VSTi from a list for whichever selected track you are currently on. You’ll have to do this manually for each instrument if you desire (if you’re using something like Kontakt with a multi-instrument per midi channel, then you only have to load that one Kontakt instance but assign each track to its respective midi channel). You can save this as a playback template to make it automatic in the future.

This will only scratch the surface and only play the sound which the VSTi loads by default. From here you’ll have to design your own expression maps which allow you to invoke a VSTi’s different articulations via playing techniques (using keyswitches, CC, velocity, etc). It’s a bit tedious but worth the effort for a library you enjoy (Dorico YouTube channel has some good tutorials on this), and again this can be saved as a template for future immediate recall.

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Thanks a lot. That cured all my frustration :pray:

Thanks. Instant sound. Cant thank you enough :pray:

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Thanks. That fixed the minimum space, but im after a maximum or fixed space. Can this be done? Cant find it if so.

No, you can’t specify a maximum amount of space, but Dorico won’t enforce any space beyond the maximum, and you can in any case force as much music as you want onto a single system (however unwise that may be!) so you have full control.

I think its me explaining it bad, so i attached 2 pictures about the issue I’m talking about. The first picture shows how i want it to look like. The first picture is after me moving all notes around using Engrave. The second picture shows how Dorico do it automatically. It looks aweful, to say at least. This is automatically done in both Finale and Sibelius by default. I use Glissando as I can’t find a “standard” slide as in Finale and Sibelius. I use slide between notes quite a lot and its very time-consuming doing this by hand all the time. Please tell me Dorico can do this as Finale and Sibelius do :pray::face_with_peeking_eye:

Looks like you want shorter gliss lines.

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That is what I suggested in my first reply in this thread…

If you’re finding that changing this setting in Engraving Options isn’t having the desired effect, please attach the project here.