two questions please

Explain two questions please.
Why in the input channel on the mixer, which is the reaction, like noise or signal?
Though actually complete silence.
This is because of the drivers?

And the second question.
Fader on the transport panel is not working, does not regulate the volume.

  1. What do you have connected to your input channel? Maby a broken or not shielded cable? Do you hear that noise, when you connect your input channel to a track and switch on the monitoring button? That’s of course not normal if you don’t have any signal on your input channel.

  2. This is the fader for signal level of your output channel, see in control room.

Nothing is connected, removed all cables.
Noticed that if I disable the driver, the indicator drops.

Maybe a ground loop? Try another plug socket for your interface and / or your computer.

Which audio interface do you use? usb, firewire? Try another usb/firewire port and/or another cable. Any disturbing sources nearby the audio interface or the computer, such as halogen lamps or mobile phones etc.?

Fader on the transport panel now corrected!
About input channel use only usb.
Noticed a strange thing, if I knock on the floor or move the chair, mixer to react, knock on the table by hand, just jump in input channel.

now works! Thank you.

Devices > VST Connections > Inputs > Audio Divice (Not Connected)


No, midi keyboard.

i suspect you are using a laptop with a built-in microphone which is not disabled

I already corrected! just unplugged Devices > VST Connections > Inputs > Audio Divice (Not Connected)

Doesn’t sound like a very useful solution. Do you never intend to record audio?