Two questions regarding a passage

I have two questions regarding the attached passage:

  1. I cannot easily remove the top staff- I have under preferences that empty staves should be hidden but Dorico thinks there is something on the top staff (I previously put music there, but deleted the notes. The above accel. line is assigned to the second staff). How can I hide it while not deleting the staff?

  2. With playback, how is it possible to listen only to the second time of the repeat, not having to jump back? (and without deleting the repeat sign every time…)

In order to dig into why the top staff isn’t hiding although your layout is set to hide empty staves, we’ll need to look at the project file – can you share the project, or at least a cut-down version of it?

For ignoring the repeat in playback – you can disable repeat playback (requires Dorico Pro) or you could possibly select the repeat barline and use the “Suppress playback” property (although I’ve not double-checked this).

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Thanks so much Lillie! Here is the project file.
Fantasia.dorico (987.3 KB)

It’s the presence of the pedal line in bar 31 that is preventing the top staff from being hidden. In common with a few other instrument-wide markings, pedal lines are attached to the top staff in the instrument. You should be able to manually hide the top staff of the piano in that system using a manual staff visibility change.