Two questions - Short Trill placement, tied note ties placement

I’m seeking assistance with two questions.

I’m trying to place a short trill ornament above the top note, B, in beat two. I select the note, B, and then insert the ornament using shift[O]. As you see, the ornament appears under the note, F, but not over the B. The top voice in this measure is a new voice that starts at the beginning of this measure.

I’m also trying to adjust the measure so that the low C octave ties do not interfere with the notes in the inserted treble clef mid-measure.

Any assistance is appreciated.
Thank you.

For the turn, try invoking the caret, hitting V until it’s in the same voice as the high B, then type Shift-O shorttrill Enter. You’ll need to then hit Space for it to actually appear.

Go into Engrave mode, then select the top tie itself (for the C# just below the bass staff), then hit F to flip. You can drag it down further in order to clear the F#, again in Engrave mode.

Thank you for the quick reply. Engrave mode to adjust the ties worked. The shorttrill, however remains stubbornly attached to the wrong voice.

I’ll keep this thread open for that issue.

Thanks again.

Is it possible that your top voice is a downstem voice and you’ve flipped the stems up? Does the note next to the caret for that voice show with a downstem or an upstem? If it is indeed a downstem voice, you should be able to use F to flip the ornament above the staff.

That did it. Yes, I flipped the stems up. Thank you.