two questions: too loud and too soft

Hi ppl! :slight_smile:

Too loud!
My UR284 is great but combined with Tannoy 802 the volume knob has not much of an effect from silence to about 11 o’clock,
At 12 o’clock it’s loud and clear and at 13 0’clock its as loud as I like to hear it without bothering the neighbors.
Great monitors that just keeps getting louder without tearing up the sound so I don’t really notice how loud it is.
Is there some way to get more volume below 11 o’clock?
The real problem is that it’s too narrow to have to adjust the volume mostly just between 11 and 12 o’clock.
I feel It’s always a little off and it would be better if I could have more of the turn of the knob as useful listening levels.

Too soft!
The headphones output jack must have a record breakingly low output level, right?

Any one with similar problems who had found a solution?