Two questions

Hi folks, two questions-

  1. I’m doing a video game audio project and the final audio needs to be delivered in 16/24. It looks like I can only export in 22K or 32K. Is it possible to add the 24K option? I saw I could add that option in Wavelab and do it there, but I’m hoping to skip that step.

  2. The export needs to be mono, but I’m also needing to do some limiting in Nuendo on the master bus. When I select “mono downmix” then it sums both sides together and clips the signal. Again, I can do a batch export in Wavelab using a “Modo downmix - 6db” and that works, but it’d be nice to be able to do all this in Nuendo. Is it possible?

I realized that I had the pan law set to 0db for some reason. Setting it to Equal power or -3 seems to get me exactly in the right place for question #2.

I’m still curious if (like in Wavelab) is it possible to export at 24K? (yes this is an unusual sample rate and is low quality-it’s what the customer wants).

What is the precise format of the file you require?

16 bit 24K mono files.

As far as I know Nuendo cannot export a 16-bit / 24kHz WAV file.

It’s not doable in Nuendo/Cubase AFAIK.

WaveLab has more options, 24kHz being one of them. Adobe Audition and Reaper let you type in wholly custom sample rates.

Either way I’m afraid you’ll have to include an extra step in your workflow, which hopefully shouldn’t be more than dragging and dropping all your files into one of them and re-exporting what you need.

Just out of curiosity, could I ask why they want 24kHz?

It is indeed an unusual sample rate. :astonished: