Two questions

  1. Is it fair to classify Dorico as a sequencer?

  2. Is there an ‘r’ command and if so, does it truncate or continue after a bar as the default?

Congrats on meeting this milestone. Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.

  1. No, Dorico is a scoring program that will have some MIDI editing capabilities. Given that you will most likely not be able to do real-time recording in the first release (though we hope to have step-time input implemented, of course), it certainly won’t meet any usual definition of a sequencer!

  2. Yes, there is a repeat command in note input (currently only during note input, and not during editing), and it does not truncate at the barline. If you have, say, a half note to the left of the caret and you hit R, then the note that is repeated will always be two quarters long (though it may not be rendered as a half note if it e.g. crosses the half-bar in 4/4 or indeed crosses a barline).

Pity about 2. That remains a strangely useful option in Sibelius. Hardly a patentable feature, surely?

It’s got nothing to do with what is patentable and everything to do with how we have chosen to design the software.

Laurence. I too use this method for entering music, and having it as a toggle after the truncation was taken out in Sibelius version 7 was something I was thankful for. However, I have a feeling that even though I enter music very quickly that way, we could only be two of a only handful of people who use this method, and I always wondered in the back of my head if I should reprogram myself to use a more appropriate method, one that the software is actually designed for, rather than exploiting what the developers always considered to be a bug. As this is a new software with a new UI, I intend to learn it according to what it is designed for this time around; but I know I will miss my quirky note-entry habits for a few weeks!

Strangely? I’d say “wonderfully”. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t repeat something in Sibelius - anything from a single note to many bars (just yesterday, 16 bars). If there is a a user request list for Dorico, I’d really like to see “Repeat during edit” on it, please.

I think Laurence is referring to the curtailment at the barline toggle, rather than the ‘during editing’ bit of Daniel’s answer. I currently use ‘R’ during editing loads when using Product A, but obviously there will be new workflows in Dorico, and I’m sure it all makes logical sense.

Was it Product A version 6 that changed the ‘R’ key behaviour to repeat everything in full, rather than stopping at the barline? I know there were many who had got used to the previous behaviour, so in a later update the behaviour was put back in as a preference.