Two quick questions

  1. Is it possible to do a global analysis that shows what the results will be AFTER the master section?

  2. Is there some way that I can apply all processing that I did to one “tab” (sorry I don’t know the proper name for what each song in each tab is) to another tab?

  1. As far as I know, you have to render the file first and then analyze it. This is a popular request though and it’s the ONE thing I think Studio One Mastering Project Mode does better than WaveLab.

  2. You need to define what you mean by “Tab”. Maybe provide a screen shot.

If you are referring to standalone audio files, whatever is in the master section will process whatever file you have focused and/or playing back. The master section is global and not tied to any one file or montage for better or worse.

If you are referring to the audio montage, you can copy and paste FX chains from one clip to another clip.

When I export a mix from Cubase directly in to Wavelab it puts the song in a new “tab”. I had an older mix that I did some processing to within wavelab. Later, the customer wanted some other changes done in cubase for a new version (not to replace the old “tab”). I exported that again in to Wavelab and it went in to a new tab. I’d like to be able to quickly apply the processing that I had done to the the first “tab” to the new second “tab”. Does that make sense? These were things like loudness and level processing-not specifically master section processing.

It does make sense but the word “Tab” is still too vague. Audio files can open directly, or in a montage session. So, more info (or a screen shot) is needed.

I would probably use the montage so all the plugin settings can be saved. You can also save global master section presets/settings but IMO, that gets messy.

From Cubase, a file simply gets opened in the file editor (a single wave in a tab) and not the montage. So the short answer is like Justin says, save your Master Section settings from the first wav file to a MS preset and later use this same preset to reload the MS to what it was. You’ll need some organizing for these files ofcourse.

Or, use the montage (even for one file) and use clip, track or montage output FX and these settings will automatically get saved with the montage. In this case you don’t use the global MS.

Thank you. Like I mentioned, most of these processes aren’t really master section processes. I apply them from within the ribbon.

Which processes are you doing from the ribbon that you would like to recall and/or recreate on a new file?

These were things like loudness and level processing-not specifically master section processing.

Pretty much anything done via the ribbon tab is a destructive process and can’t be saved/recalled. You just have to do it again.

Master Section FX chains can be saved/recalled and montages are similar to DAW projects and can of course be fully saved.

You may want to look into loading your files from Cubase into a montage where things can be saved. The montage does have some offline loudness tools like the Meta Normalizer.