Two Quick Questions

  1. How do I set things up to record on multiple lanes, for example, say I want to create a track 16 bars long and do multiple takes, each take creating an additional lane? I’d like to then be able to pick the best bars and create a comp track. I seem to remember seeing how to do this in one of the tutorials I watched but can’t remember where.

  2. In Pro Tools, if you have one track that is made up of a bunch of “punch ins and punch outs” fragments and you want to export this track to another DAW, you can “consolidate” (?) the track iirc which will fill in all the gaps and you end up with one seamless track from beginning to end. Does Cubase 7 have an equivalent tool or function that will accomplish the same thing?

As always, thanks in advance for any advice towards either of these questions.

Hi Brad Mize,

  1. You just set up your locators, activate “Cycle mode” in the transport bar (/) and start recording.
  2. You select the events you want to bounce, go to the audio menu and select “Bounce Selection”.


Thanks Luis

Regarding #1, I’m still a little confused as to what all the different cycle settings do but I’m experimenting around with it now. Took me a minute to find the Comp Tool :smiley: . I’m sure I can find the meanings of all those settings in the Operation Manual.

Regarding #2, the Bounce feature IS the same thing I was looking for. Cleans the tracks up nicely in case you are going to export them to another DAW or to a Pro Tools system in a “real” studio. It works the same on audio tracks and MIDI tracks. Unbelievably awesome!

Thanks so much for your guidance. Have a great week!