Two quick workflow questions

Hi folks,
Two things that always slow me down and I’m wondering is there is something I can do about it:

  1. If I accidentally create a mono instead of a stereo track or vice versa is there a way to change the track without having to create a new audio track?

  2. When creating a new MIDI (or instrument) track is it possible to have the default input and output routing be set to “not connected”?



I’m sorry, no and no.

Well, allrighty then!

Not much you can do if a Mono Audio track is created instead of a Stereo accidentally. But from a workflow standpoint you could create track presets. I use them for most of my defaults including a MIDI track with no connections (see attached pic). Using track presets reduces repetitive work (ex: Audio Track preset for “Guitar” is Mono, has my typical plugins inserted and is color coded, or a Drum VSTi could be setup with specific a Midi channel and could include it’s Drum Map by default, etc…). In some cases I also use “s” and “m” prefixes in the Preset name to help with things that could go either way, like external Synths (sSynthName(stereo), mSynthName(mono)).

Hope this helps.
CB9_MIDI_TrackPreset(Not connected).jpg