Two request for Dorico

I think this is my first post in this forum.
I´d like to ask two requests for Dorico, that I have seen in other post:

  • Integration with Ara 2
  • Loop possibility as in a DAW
    The integration with ARA 2 would be wonderful for Cubase users. In the other hand, the possibility of creating loops would be incredible, for modeling the composition, with successive listening. Another possibility (the main for me), is that loops in Dorico, opens the possibility of practicing your instrument with the score. This would be absolutely amazing … at least for me.

Thank you


Welcome to the forum, igabyss. Can you say a bit more about what you would find ARA support useful for?

the loop request is an old one

Hello Daniel and shr23,
I can imagine the compatibility with ARA, improve the workflow, but your question about this request has made me think about this (if is worth it). The workflow is excellent now…

I don´t know, but, with ARA when writing a track with variable tempo in Cubase, Dorico would detect the tempo change directly? Other possibilities that I can imagine are… transfer midi of midi/instruments tracks to different instruments in Dorico.
Really, I think what I´m looking for, is a deeper integration of Dorico with Cubase. Modular software, but integrated :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time and consideration

Thanks for taking the time to expand on your requirements. We agree that integrating Dorico and Cubase more closely is something that we need to do, and we will be taking steps in this direction as soon as possible. It remains to be seen at this stage whether ARA would be a part of that integration.


Need loop section playback

Personally I’m not sure if it’s wise to use resources replicating functionality already found in cubase. If users need loop or ara, or transcribing etc , then they can get cubase. We can all imagine what cubase would be like with dorico as it’s score editor, and some kind of hybrid view displaying both notes on a score with midi data simultaneously. Personally, I feel resources would be better spent in this regard.

Duke, notice the thought is “integration” ie-making them play nicely together, not replace one another. I imagine this would be something like rewire or official means for porting midi tracks over to cubase, or using cubase’s rendering engine Within Dorico, Dorico to resolve cubase quantizations, etc. etc. I doubt it will be that Dorico will supplant cubase features or visa-versa.