Two row toolbar

Can we please get an option to extend the toolbar to two rows? In 2016 I shouldn’t have to put up with not seeing all of my tools by default. I know I can customize the toolbar but I’d like to just be able to use all of my tools without having to keep switching between what is shown and isn’t shown. I’ve attached a picture where you can see the default toolbar is longer than my screen so I can’t see all of quantization options.

I noticed too I can’t see all the tools when using Cubase on my laptop. However, I realized I can do without the arrow/scissors/glue/pencil/etc tool buttons, because on the one hand, you can always produce this toolbar by holding CTRL and clicking into an empty space of the arrangement window (which is very handy, because it appears where your mouse pointer is), and on the other hand, you can customize keystrokes to quickly change to your desired tool (I have V for arrow, Z for scissors, Y for glue, X for mute, D for draw; and the rest of the tools I don’t usually need). In short, I just removed the mentioned tool buttons from the toolbar, ending up with a toolbar width that now fits the smaller screen size, and still not missing anything.

However, I wouldn’t mind if a second toolbar row could be activated by option.

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+1 for a toolbar that will expand rows as necessary to fit whatever content a user chooses. And please add “ALL” of the transport panel options to the list of toolbar customize options (I hate the transport panel). :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: