Two score issues: hiding a staff and undoing

Two odd issues in this score, neither of which I can fix.

  1. I can’t hide the second staff on page 2. Yes, it’s an XML import. I deleted all the explicit clefs, deleted the time sigs, and reset them. No luck. Head scratcher.

  2. This other problem is REALLY throwing me, and I’ve never seen it before. Seemingly randomly, when I try to undo a note entry or something similar, it will sometimes (not always) INSTEAD undo the custom playing techniques I created (1. and 2. and a 2). But I created these much earlier in the score, many keystrokes before the notes I’m trying to undo!

I’m posting the score, although I don’t know that it will be helpful, because when I saved and closed, I obviously lost the undo/redo lists. Until I closed and re-opened, I was unable to use the undo function. And since closing and re-opening, I haven’t been able to duplicate the issue.

I wonder if this is related to my earlier post - I had created 1. and 2. as PT with “1.” and “2.” in the popover text, and when I tried to input them, Dorico went crazy… odd error messages and strange delays. I removed the periods from the popover text, but that’s when the strange undo-redo behavior started.
Hail the (642 KB)

Edit: the “1.” is no longer working via the popover. I have to add it by loading the mouse. It has “1” set as the popover text, which displays in the auto-complete list, it just won’t appear in the score.

Dan, it seems the Sop. solo somehow got unticked.

Completely unrelated, but the title is appropriate for something I experienced today too: I can’t hide one stave of a choral reduction part. I have the “choir reduction” instrument and “allow individual staves of grand staff instruments to be hidden” selected but it just won’t do it.

Well, interestingly enough Dan, I went back and added the sop solo to the list and it still didn’t hide it. Weird…

Romanos, do you have Chord Symbols set to display between the staves of grand staff instruments? If so, the upper stage of the reduction can’t be hidden (regardless of whether there are any chord symbols present or not).

Dan, sorry, can’t look at it now - will pop back in three or four hours if no one’s worked it out.

That was intentional. That is the only staff that I don’t want to be excluded… I want to show all other empty staves except for that one.

So it was… I’m an idiot. I misread that sentence. sigh.

I put it into galley view and noticed this:

There’s something weird going on with the barlines… if you delete them, it combines measures and seems to completely ignore the time signature.

I had to click on every single barline on that part and delete it and then it disappeared from page 2. There was a weird explicit barline in there somewhere. It will make everything between the double barlines one giant measure; you can then add 3/4 back in and it displays correctly: