Two separate midi for piano

So far I used Cubase score editor for piano pieces and I love it. Very easy to use, I found almost everything I need. Recently though I stuck when creating voices, when two voices were on the same note and got printed on each other. Found no way of moving the note without changing the position of the note in Midi and only moving on the score. That’s why I downloaded Dorico trial version but I got really frustrated after an hour getting used to it. It is very different set-up. Was difficult that I couldn’t manually move things, like a rest was in the way and it didn’t allow to move it to where I wanted, I couldn’t in general grab and change positions of staff, or manually enter brace etc.
I use two separate single midi files for right and left hand (split point is changing all the time, so I prefer keeping them separate). When I imported it went to single staff connected with orchestra brackets and couldn’t find how to change it manually to piano brace.
I wish it would be like Cubase interface but updated features, as the format looks nice if it wasn’t so difficult to use!
I am a bit hesitant whether I should buy it.

Dorico is fundamentally based around notation, and requires a very different mind-set to using a DAW like Cubase.

Make sure you try the Quick Start guides, and watch the videos that explain some of the concepts. You will get frustrated if you just sit in front of it and start clicking on stuff.

You should be abel to change the bracket in Engrave mode; but it might be better to create a new Piano player/instrument and copy the music; as it sounds like your MIDI file may have been interpreted as two ‘generic’ staves.

Hi @banna,
The Score Editor in Cubase is probably the most outdated and counterintuitive I’ve ever seen and worked with.
Still you can achieve properly looking score sheet without moving the midi notes, if they aren’t too far from the bar grids.
Here is a fast example:

At least for the notelengths…

Otherwise for better and more intuitive scoring I recommend Dorico.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will try that suggestion regarding the overlapping notes of different voices.
I have already recorded midi for all my compositions (separate right and left hand) and ideally would like to import them in Dorico.
I will watch some tutorials and see if I can ‘feel’ its mindset!