Two separate players, identical instruments, chord symbols attach to both

I’m writing a score that includes two vibraphones. They are distributed between two separate players. When adding a chord symbol to one player, it automatically appears in the other player’s music as well. Does Dorico perhaps interpret two vibraphones written with a single staff each, as one two-stave vibraphone? Is there a way to avoid this?

The chord track in Dorico is for all players that show chords. You need to use individual chords (with alt-enter, like when you use individual meters, key signatures…) if you need some chords to show on some players and not others. So the problem is not how Dorico treats your vibraphones staves, but how it deals with the chord track.

Thanks. It solved it – for one chord. The first chord worked as you said – then, for some reason beyond me, the problem reoccured from the second chord on. Very strange. Ideas? I can try to post the project if there is no obvious solution.

I wondered if there was a problem with a note being tied over from the previous bar, but I untied it and it didn’t affect the result. I tried to put a chord symbol a couple of bars later in the passage, same problem. I deleted the first chord to see what happened if I re-input it – and it worked. It also worked as it should when I input chord symbols in the bars preceding the passage I want to start with the chords.

So the first chord symbols, success, any subsequent chord symbols, confusion.

In my other world.dorico (891.0 KB)

It is from letter D, that’s bar 38. It works as expected at bar 38 and before, but not from bar 39 onwards.

(And if someone could tell me how to make Noteperformer 3 play back brushes on snare drum, that’d be great too.)

If you only want one vibraphone player to show chord symbols, hide chord symbols for the other one.

Here is also an introduction to chord symbols that outlines how they work as global objects, and the key options available to you for controlling where they appear.

Thanks, both, for your help and insight.

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