Two small bugs/anomalies?

I’m thoroughly appreciating the many new features of D3 - great work, Daniel and team! And I’m looking forward to all the new developments to come.

I’ve noticed two small things which may not really be bugs, but which did work in D2 and no longer work in D3.

  1. In the new Project Info dialogue box ([which I really like], it was previously possible to copy information from the Project Info to each individual flow Info dialogue panels. This no longer works (although I can still copy from any Flow to the Project panel). Shouldn’t I I be able to copy from Project to Flow?

  2. In Dorico2, with HSSE+HSO (Pro) selected for playback: when adjusting mixer level,s numbers would be visible for some frame of reference for setting levels – at least while adjusting them. In D3 those numbers are no longer displayed. It would be great if the fader level numbers were displayed all the time, so one could visually see what the levels are set at (and note for applying to other projects). In D2 they at least were visible while moving the faders; in D3, nothing shows at all. It’s a guessing game.

These are two very small things, but I just wanted to bring them to your attention. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

  1. You can copy from Project to Flow. Having entered data into the Project page, you have to hit Apply. Once you’ve done that, copying will work fine.

Yes, that does seem to work. But when I push from Project Info I expect that the dialogue box fields would at least be populated before pressing APPLY. It works from Flow to Project - shouldn’t it work the same from Project to Flow? (without pressing APPLY – which adds it to the entire score – which I might not be quite ready to “apply” until all the fields are filled as needed.)

The info isn’t really available to copy until it has been saved in the original screen.

I agree with dwlarson that really Dorico should be able to copy the current edited ‘Project’ values to one or more flows, so we’ll take care of that in the next update.