Two small but annoying bugs, anyone suffered similar?

I’m Currently running Cubase 11 pro, recently acquired (last six months) on a new, purpose built PC running Windows 10. On the whole I’ve been pretty impressed with CB11 but have developed two annoying bugs. If anyone has suffered similarly and found a fix, I’d love to hear from you. I’d particularly welcome any suggestions from Steinberg. Faults are as follows:

  1. No volume automation on group tracks. All the other automation parameters are there, including all insert effects but no volume. Quite annoying this as my workaround is to automate the volume on each of the source tracks feeding the group. Tedious and not how I want to spend my life. I like making music much more.

  2. No description letters on the mute and solo buttons in the mixer. This started off fine until I opened a project recorded on CB7 at which point the buttons all became blank. Annoyingly, this has persisted into a new project started in CB11. Should add, the buttons all still function correctly and I still use them through muscle memory. Just annoying this has happened so soon after upgrading my studio.

Interested to hear any comments or opinions. This forum has proved invaluable on previous occasions.

It should be the default automation parameter. If not, go to “More…”

And “Volume” should be in the list:

Double click it.

Not sure what the mute/solo label thing is about though, sorry.

Here’s someone else with the missing Mute / Solo letters problem.

Yes, I’m still having that problem, and like Duncan mentioned, the buttons work fine and I can use them via “muscle memory” but it’s only happening on one particular session. Interesting thought, however, is I AM using automation on my group tracks, and wondering if using automation on the group tracks is somehow “disabling” the buttons on the mixer? After reading Duncan’s post, I started to wonder if automating group tracks is causing the UI issue in the mixer? When I open other sessions in Cubase 12, the mute, solo and listen buttons are visible as they should be. Not sure if this is a Cubase 12 bug or something else. I guess I could open the session in Cubase 10.5 or Cubase 11 and see if the issue remains. I’ll likely give that a try and report back.

The OP is using Cubase 11, so was happening in previous versions too.

Understood, thank you

Hi Both.

First thing to say is thanks very much for taking time to respond. Both issues are small and annoying and to be honest I didn’t think anyone would pick up. Posted in hope rather than expectation. Your input is very much appreciated.

Regarding your suggestions:

Automation I had a quick look at a group track on my most recent project and the volume automation was indeed there as the default. However, I have previously seen this on the first group I’ve created and it’s disappeared without trace on subsequent tracks. Sadly, I didn’t have time to check this out but will do so and report back. I have previously explored the More… options for automation only to find volume control was absent. Not sure how much of this is a legacy issue from songs created in CB7 but again, will explore further.

Button Text Very pleased someone has picked this up as I was beginning to doubt my sanity! I’m not sure what you mean as a session but suspect it might be what I would term a version? Created by using the Save As command.

Sadly I need to go offline for a couple of weeks now, so won’t be able to investigate further immediately. I will however report back any developments or resolutions when I come back online. Once again, your input is very much appreciated. I wish all social media was this positive.

And another one…

I haven’t experienced this but clearly there’s some combination of events that’s causing the missing letters.