Two Songs Using 8dio Steel Drums Won't Load

Not sure if anyone else has run into this. I purchased the 8dio Steel drum Kontakt instrument recently. The install, playing, recording, and rendering on two songs went fine two nights ago. This morning, I booted up my computer and cranked up Cubase 10 (10.0.30) to take a listen to what I had previously recorded and found that when trying to open either of the two songs, the load freezes. I’ve tried loading the backup files and the same freeze happens. I even tried reverting to a Windows restore point that was just before the previous session.

All other songs load and play fine, so it doesn’t appear to be Cubase or even Kontakt. Any ideas? Thanks!


Any (silent) Windows update in-between?

There were a couple of Windows Defender Antivirus & Antimalware updates on 7/3 & 7/5. The odd thing is that all the other songs load fine, and I can use Kontakt just fine in other songs. It’s just the two songs that I added the 8dio Steel Drum (via Kontakt) to that freeze while loading.


Could you try to reinstall the library? Make sure you install it as administrator, please.

Hi, Martin - I’m going to take your advice and reinstall as administrator. Thanks for your help! I very much appreciate it!

As an update on this issue, I was able to fully recover one of the songs. Oddly, all of the audio files, minus the rendered 8dio steel drums, were found in an untitled folder on the same drive, but not in the directory path at all. The steel drums track appears to have vanished, but that’s not a big deal.

I found some audio tracks (guitar, bass, organ, some percussion) for the second song. Most of the rendered BFD2 drums are missing, only the toms survived, I see cymbal files, but they have 0 data in them. As with the first song, the rendered 8dio steel drums audio has vanished.