Two Soundcards?

It so happens I have two soundcards right now.
The Yamaha N8 and Motu 828 mk3 (both via firewire).

Can I hook up and use both at the same time (simultaneously) in Cubase 6.5 (PC 64 bit)?

If so, how do I make this happen? I can’t figure it out or find anything useful on the internet.
I want to use the N8 for the main outs and the motu for extra ins and outs. I imagine the Motu needs to be a slave or so.

Anybody have some useful info?


The simple answer is that you can only have one ASIO drive in Cubase at any one time, so no you can’t have the two soundcard operating at the same time whilst taking advantage of the proprietary ASIO drivers.

It may be possible with the free ASIO4ALL driver though.

I’ll give that a try. I would be nice to get this working.

Asio4All = BSOD :open_mouth:

That was a long time ago when I saw that last. phew.

Just to clear up any confusion! you can have more than one soundcard operating in Cubase as long as they share the same ASIO driver. You cannot have two ASIO drivers going at the same time.

Asio4All gave me a BSOD when trying to set things up in Cubase. I can select the different ASIO in Cubase of the N8 and Motu no problem indeed (run one or the other).
When ASIO4all is selected in Cubase I get a pop up asking if I want to switch to the N8 Asio, I select NO and get BSOD. I have not even turned on the Motu yet.

I’ll fiddle around some more later this week.

I’d like to master the N8 and slave the Motu and run at the same time, simultanously, both cards on the same computer via firewire. But if I understand, that’s close to impossible.

ASIO4all usually does a decent job at it, but it seems your specific combination of audio interfaces and PC doesn’t like it very much.
I don’t know the specifics of your audio interfaces, but if they both have ADAT you might be able to use the MOTU in and outputs and ADDA converters and transfer all the signals to the N8 over ADAT. If either one doesn’t have ADAT it won’t work obviously, and you will need the MOTU interface to work in some sort of standalone mode.

Are BSOD not usually hardware related? would it be wise to have both interfaces installed and confirmed working with Cubase (obviously one at a time) first. Then give ASIO4ALL a try!

In my experience BSOD’s occur from incompatabilities in hardware drivers, so it could definitely be related to ASIO4all.

Thanks for all the tips. And of course I first tried each soundcard seperately first. Both of them on their own work fine. It really seems to be the asio4all, to me at least. I could try the ADAT workaround.

Sold the Motu, it drove me nuts.

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