Two suggestions for future versions

I work a lot in musical theatre, and often bars don’t have numbers but letters. Would it be possible to have a feature where one can change the format of the bar number to letters only (i.e. first bar is A, second bar is B, third is C etc.).

Also, when working with tags in page layout, it would be great to have a tag for the page number of the FLOW, not just of the project. For example, the second number in a show might have a header on its third page of ‘Opening - 3’, even though it’s actually page 17 of the entire project.

You can already have the page number of the flow. See the bottom of the second page of this PDF:

Thank you pianoleo. I must have had an outdated version of the list of tags. Thank so much!

I support the need for alternate numbering. Furthermore, I’d like to change the format within a flow. Often - also in musical theatre - you may have an intro numbered A, B, C, … and after the start of the main melody, it continues with 1, 2, 3, …