Two suggestions to improve the Export Audio Mixdown dialog

I have two suggestions that would really improve the Export Audio Mixdown functionality (at least for me):

(1) Make the File Format preset drop-down remember whatever preset was chosen. The actual preset settings persist across dialog invocations, but the name of the preset in that drop-down doesn’t. So I end up having to stare at those settings and try to remember how that maps to a preset that had I named previously for better semantics. See below circled in red:

(2) Have a similar preset setting for the Channel Selection part (circled in green). I constantly use various channel groups to export various things, and being able to save those channel groups so I don’t have to manually unselect everything, and then trying to remember what channels I need for which export job would be a productivity game-changer for me!

I know that the Export Queue functionality allows me to save jobs with channel groupings, but that doesn’t quite work for me since I will select a channel group, do an export, but then run some quality assurance tools on the generated files before running other channel group exports. So I need to be able to quickly switch between channel groups in the export dialog itself.


I’m not 100% sure I know what you need to do, but one thing I explored recently to save some time on high-volume jobs I get (TV shows / post mix) is setting up tasks using the Project Logical Editor. It’s a bit cumbersome, but what is possible is to first trigger a set of actions that makes all tracks visible in the mixer and then either have more actions or have a separate PLE to select all desired tracks. In order to have that track selection carry over you need to enable the link between track selection in the mixer and in the Channel Selection area you highlighted in green in the picture (by clicking the “link” icon next to the “search channel” box).

In other words I first run the PLE to set up for track selection, and then I can run a PLE to select all tracks that correspond to whatever TV show it is I’m working on which selects those tracks also in the export dialog Channel Selection area.

I haven’t found a way to make the track selections easy to set up in the PLE unfortunately. If I remember correctly the limit is how many tracks you can select with different names in one PLE. So in order to get around that I think I basically did one selection PLE per track and just added them all into one “master” PLE in the “post action” box (bottom right?).

It’s been a while since I set that up and I ended up not using it as frequently as I thought I would, but as proof of concept it seems to work.

Oh, one more caveat is that in order for that to work your track names would need to be exactly the same across all projects that use that PLE. So I have generic output names in my master post-template and can select this way, export, and then rename… for example.

PS: There are probably other ways of going about it. I just realized that another way of doing it could be to hide everything other than what you want to export in the mixer, have the link feature on, and then it’s easy to just manually select all in the mixer and the export channel selection will follow. That way you can see only what you need to export, relabel the tracks and they remain visible, and then just select all visible tracks. The way I did it I can’t relabel because accessing the naming field deselects the track and then running the PLE again won’t work since the names are different.

Please share if you figure out a good solution to this.

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Yeah, I was considering using PLE for this as well, but after reading through the complexity of what you’ve done, I’m not going to do that :sweat_smile:

Hence my ask for this channel selection preset feature in the Export dialog. I’m so glad you responded, hopefully that’ll give some more weight to this request - seems like I’m not the only person struggling with this.

Yeah I hear you. With a lot of these things there are ways to speed up the process of setting up, but unfortunately you need to run into problems before you can figure out how to solve them so… One thing I think I did was to duplicate files in the Windows finder, renaming them and then just replacing the correct text string. So all of the settings of the PLE for a particular track would be the same and it was faster to duplicate that way and change just that text than to click through the interface in Nuendo. Stuff like that.

And of course as long as we’re consistent it’s maybe worth spending the time to set it up once or twice and then it just continues to work just fine… until we change things…

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Ha, right. That reminds me of something I had to do:

For obscure technical reasons (Linux, which runs internally in one of our pieces of live gear, is case sensitive when it comes to file names, and Windows is not) I had a need to export WAV files as, well, .WAV files (not .wav files, note the case).

Couldn’t find a way to do that in Cubase, so I ended up calling out to an external script after the audio export (luckily, you can do that) to convert the extension (and extension only) of exported .wav files to uppercase.

Getting that script to work, and hook properly into Cubase, was an … adventure, that I was able to accomplish with the help of the good people on this forum (I made a long post about that a while ago here to help others in a similar bind).

So, I would LOVE to see some sort of scripting capability in Cubase, or at least some well-documented way to call Cubase functions on WAV files from an external scripting language.

Being able to script Cubase’s powerful functionality would be incredible, and would unlock all sorts of innovation and creativity (that’s code for exploiting free labor by enthusiasts :slight_smile: ).

I guess that’s another feature-request!

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I would fully support that!