Two systems linked as one in score?!

For some mysterious reason, the barlines at the beginning of two systems in my score are connected into one line. I don’t even know where to begin to figure this one out! I added some space so I could even see what was going on…

I think adding a frame break at the start of the second system would solve the problem with vertical spacing.

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The two systems are overlapping – your frame fullness indicator (bottom right corner) shows that the frame is overfull, ie more than 100% full according to the contents of staves and your per-layout vertical spacing settings.

Various factors go into calculating vertical spacing, including the staff size, vertical spacing settings, margins, and so on. If you want to fit two systems on this page, you might need to tweak some or all of those; or, only show one system per page for these systems. If empty staves are hidden but still won’t allow 2 systems/page, you could also show empty staves for these pages only using manual staff visibility.

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I suspect that I got into this mess by using manual staff visibility. I did that just here before I learned about the project-wide setting…

Aha - yes, the layout option hides only empty staves; manual staff visibility lets you hide any and all staves, empty or no.

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