Two Tempos in One Song

Hello. I am just wondering if it is possible to record two different tempos in one song. For instance, the first part of ONE song is slow, say at 100bpm, then the tempo increases to say, 150bpm in the other part of the SAME song. Is it possible to do this? I tried it to do it but it shrivels the drum track of the first part each time I change the tempo so I can record the drum track for the other part. Interestingly, the other tracks of the first (slow) part remain in sync and playback is at the recorded tempo (100bpm).

If it is not possible, is there any trick I can use to achieve this? I’m thinking of recording the different parts independently, then look for a way of “merging” the two songs. But it’ll be a lot easier if I could just record the two parts as one song. Thanks.

Does AI/LE have a tempo track? I honestly don’t know. If it does have one, are you using it? Also, make sure the tempo change occurs exactly on a new bar (use snap to insert it).

There is no dedicated tempo track. I have an Alesis drum machine. If the machine is playing at 150bpm, I change the Cubase tempo to 150bpm, then sync the drum and Cubase. Once in sync, I record my drum tracks that way. I got so used to it that 9 times out of 10, I get the sync in one take.

Changing the tempo after recording the first part is not going to work because, like I said, it shifts the notes.
I tried the second option of recording the second part independently, then copy and paste into the first part. It didn’t work either. While the first part remained intact because the tempo did not change, the second part got into the mix but with shifted notes.

Last option is to mix down each song separately and title them so they have to play right after each other. :frowning: