two things i'm missing in wavelab 7


first off i really wish i could still just press the “t” key and have all the clips after the one i pick up in the montage magically stick together the way they do in wavelab 6.

also i can’t seem to find a way to do and exact audio copy of a cd like i could in wavelab 6. i mean where you convert a cd to audio montage. wl7 only seems to let you do it on a track by track basis unless i’m getting it wrong.

anyone have any clues to these?



For #1, you just have to map the “t” shortcut to the desired function.
For #2, as already discussed in other threads, the exact copy functions are not available on the majority of drives, and I had to give that up, unfortunatly.

thanks pg

i’ll just carry on using wl6 for importing cds then.

could you possibly point me in the direction of what you actually call the function in wl7 that used to be mapped to “t” by default in wl6? i have looked in wl6 and it’s called “track auto-grouping” but i can’t spot it in the list of available commands in wl7. thanks again


Montage Workspace > Options > Customize commands > Mode > …

Next WaveLab version will have a search facility here…

thanks again pg and for your answer about the master section :slight_smile: great service as always!