Two things since update

Hi all,

Firstly, since I updated, I now get a message that I have never seen before which I have attached below. It pops up behind the Cubase project window and, until I click OK, it seems to cause audio pops and crackles?

Secondly, and also since the update, every time I open Cubase it asks if I want too use the same audio device, which never happened prior to update and is very annoying!!

Anyone got any ideas??

Jim B

I’ve never seen that message, in WIndows 10 or any other Windows, sorry.

The issue about asking which audio device: do you mean asking which driver? I get that on my desktop since 8.5.1, but it also has a check box for me to tick if I don’t want to get that message again.


Thanks for the response Plectrumboy

As far as the message is concerned I don’t know if its a Cubase or Windows 10 problem so I’m hoping a mod will chime in.
Regards the audio driver, on the original Cubase install I checked the box and I then had to assign an audio driver every time I opened the programme.
I’ve got used to Cubase remembering my driver, but it doesn’t seem to want to since the new update?


Jim B

Interesting; I’ve just checked the box on my desktop and upon relaunch, I don’t get asked that driver question again. Have you got two audio interfaces connected by any chance when you start Cubase?


Hi Steve,

The only interface I have is the CI1!

It’s weird isn’t it!!!

Jim B