Two things that no longer work ...

I’m on Windows 10, and lately, though I can’t say for certain that it is since the 1.0.10 update, two features no longer work.

  1. Changing staff size after a system break. In fact, it doesn’t even register as a command since ctrl-Z will undo the previous command

  2. Custom Key Signatures. There are no longer visible accidentals on display, although “delete” will become active if I click on the screen where they are supposed to show up.

Anyone else can reproduce this?

Dear Claude,

I’m afraid you have a bug in your system.
Changing staff size still behaves perfectly here as you can see on the picture :
Capture d’écran 2016-12-09 à 23.14.37.png
I cannot tell about your second point.

That’s what I feared since I cannot find anyone else who wrote about this. What’s the best way to reinstall? I’d hate to make it worse …

Although I see that you are on a Mac, I wonder if this could be platform related …

This is why I added my signature, in order for Dorico’s team to answer knowing these things — I am not THAT proud of my system (although I like it) :wink:

  1. works as expected…

  2. make sure you’re adding a key signature and not a new tonality system… (?) :slight_smile:

No. I’ve done it before. Scores that already had a custom key signature display properly, but I can’t create new ones …

I click the pencil “Edit Tuning System” then + New Key Signature. Are you saying you don’t see any accidentals at the bottom of the Edit Key Signature dialog? On my Win7 system all’s normal…

That’s exactly what’s happening.

I can’t quite think how you could have bust this, Claude, but perhaps try moving any files whose names match layoutOptions_*.xml or userLibrary.xml in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico out of the way, and then see if starting a new project works as you might expect.

Good news, Bad news

Good news: that fixed the key signature thingy
Bad news, it didn’t fix the staff size issue

I really don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to change the staff size after a system break. Do you see the staff size property once you have the system break selected? By default it will show a value of 1.0, but if you change that to e.g. 4.0pt and then tab away or click one of the paddle arrows next to the spin box you should find that the staff size updates just fine.

Update: It did indeed fix the staff size issue, I went a little quickly just before leaving home and had done it wrong. So both issues are fixed. My computer crashed on a couple of occasions while Dorico was opened - due to another application, not Dorico itself - and I wonder if that created the issues in the first place.

Thanks for the help, as always!