Two Tv's as monitors

Hi, I have been posting about using TV’s as monitors I thought people might be interested in the final result…

Ist pic 2 19" monitors (and a third adjacent)

2nd pic 2 39" inch TVs used as monitors.

Setting up the Tvs as monitors went fairly smoothly. One weird thing is that now if I play two or more movies at once (through my focusrite liquid 56, rather that the TV onboard sounds) Only one movie has sound. Before, I could load more than one movie and get sound from all of them. This is a puzzle to me as I thought the whole sound thing would have nothing to do with the TVs once Windows is set up for the Focusrite.
The cables are DVI- HDMI (£3 on Ebay or £60 - £100 at the store). One graphics card.

You might wonder why you would want more than one movie to give sound at the same time, but its something I have got used ot and is useful (did you ever see The Man who fell to Earth - that’s me) Once the brain is wired right its perfectly possible to do. I often watch the news whilst running tunes too.

Another thing I found is that the TVs will not recognise windows unless switch on before the PC. Also the remotes both control both TVs.

Both monitors are set to 1920/1080 (Hi Def). Viewing them from about a metre away, is not a problem.

The TVs are L39FE12’s LEDs by Logik (PC world own brand) and were £299 each. Its possible to get 42" LCD TVs for £250 in UK at present too. I chose LED as the consume less power and are a little less bulky.

Overall I am delighted!

My son uses TV’s. Not anything in audio, he uses this for games ( something I have never done even with my original VIC 20 and Commodore 64). He has a rather complex set of video cards and 3 30" LED Tv’s and a 46" overhead tv. Looks amazing, remarkably bright ,colorful and contrasted. He routes audio through a Sony 7.1 receiver. Stuff he showed me on YouTube was amazing. my 20" dell monitors have a satin surface to the monitors and his LED sets have a glossy screen and it is a very nice way to go. The sharpness is terrific. If I had a way to justify the costs, I would do it in a second.