Two unrelated crashes with Dorico 5.0.20 on M1 MacBook Pro

I experienced two crashes with Dorico 5.0.20 on my MacBook tonight.

The first crash involved changing an engraving option for cues; after I clicked Apply, I clicked Close while Dorico was processing some changes (had the stopwatch icon on my mouse pointer), but the program suddenly crashed a few seconds later.

The second crash actually happened a few times; whenever I quit Dorico, it crashes before the Steinberg Hub pops up. I’ve never seen this happen before tonight!

I’ll attach the diagnostics zip.
Dorico (647.4 KB)

Thank you!!

There are three crash logs inside your diagnostics. Two of them relate to a known problem with the shared video engine, which can cause Dorico to crash on exit on some Macs. This one will be fixed in the next update, when it comes.

I can see what is crashing in the third one, but not why. If you’re able to reproduce the issue (i.e. Dorico crashing after applying changes in Engraving Options), please provide further information.

Accidentally deleted my comment. My bad!

Thank you for letting me know about the video engine crash!

I actually just realized I was thinking of the wrong engraving option I was changing: it was “alignment of rehearsal marks relative to barlines”. It only happened when condensing was enabled. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this crash today, even after trying it multiple times.