Two unrelated questions: voice-leading lines and text styles

First of all, huge congratulations to Daniel and team on the release. My boxed copy arrived yesterday and I’m having the opportunity to play around with it for the first time today. It’s a fabulous working environment and I’m starting to feel at home already.

Just a couple of questions if I may:

  1. I’ve started inputting a keyboard piece that uses voice-leading lines between the staves. Is there a line available in Dorico yet for this purpose? I haven’t been able to find one and have instead been using a gliss line with the text turned off. Just want to make sure that I’m not missing something obvious - it’s already such a time saver to have the lines aligned and spaced perfectly - many thanks!

  2. Text styles - is there an option to change all the text to a different font? I tried at first to do this by going to Engrave > Edit Font Styles and changing the Default Text Font, assuming that this would then filter down through all the styles, but it doesn’t impact the types of text that are instead governed by the Paragraph Styles, and I couldn’t find a way in that dialog to change the font of all the styles in one go. Am I missing something, or is this something to wait for?

Many thanks, and all the best for future releases!

To create the voice-leading line is not possible for now.

Using a glissando line with the text turned off is probably a good solution to voice-leading lines for now, until they start to play back…

As for text, the nomenclature of our text features isn’t wonderfully straightforward. Font styles are the simple font styles used by the various notations in the music, and are used not only by things that look like text like tempo and dynamics, but also by things that look like musical symbols, like clefs, noteheads, time signatures, and so on. Changing the default text font style will change the font used by e.g. tempo, dynamics, and rehearsal marks, but it won’t change any of the paragraph styles, which are used by text frames and text items (Shift+X).

At the moment, the paragraph styles are also not set up in a way that exercises the inheritance features that allow the styles to be set up in a hierarchy. I will be working on this myself before the first post-release update, so that you can change the font of the ‘Default Text’ paragraph style and the others will automatically be updated, but you won’t easily be able to apply that to existing projects until we have a means of importing/exporting styles and other library items, which will probably not be in the very first update.