Two-up part printing

Help me understand two-up part printing, AFAIK the proper way to do this is (U.S)

  • 12x18
  • two-up
  • double sided
  • landscape
  • flip short side
  • folded in the center

And when turned (grab right short side and flip to left) you get 3-4. This minimizes page turns.

But how should we bind or manage this when there are N pages, when (I assume) they are folded and bound somehow? Thanks!

This post on the Finale blog has some decent initial advice on printing. Philip Rothman has also published some tips at Scoring Notes.

I’m not sure I’d agree that for a four-page part you’d want to flip the whole part over to see pages 3 and 4: I believe you would more commonly approach that as a fan-fold part, since flipping over a large 18 x 12 piece of paper is likely to be noisy and flipping a large piece of paper is harder to do with one hand, potentially leading both to the part not landing back on the stand cleanly or even – horror of horrors – creating sufficient draft to cause parts on nearby stands to be disturbed,

Despite the negatives enumerated by Daniel, publishers have used this style to save paper, since only one sheet is needed for two sets of facing pages. That’s probably not necessary these days.

For parts >4 pages, you’d possibly/probably want to look at booklet printing, with page turns on every odd-numbered page primarily. Depends on the performance requirements - my understanding is recording sessions generally print everything single-sided to allow maximum folding options for sections, and also to double-up page thickness for reduced noise.

Thanks folks, very helpful. I was actually trying to print out a PDF, but looking again closely at the Dorico print options with a many page blank project spells it out.

By the way if you’re printing out PDF’s there are some nice utilities here