Two UR824s + one third party ADAT interface?

Is it possible to have 2x UR824s (16 channels) and an extra third party interface giving 8 more channels using the ADAT light-pipe?

Yes, you would connect one UR824 to the computer via USB as the “Master”. You would setup the 2nd UR824 as a convertor from Analog to Digital. Disconnect the “Master” and connect the 2nd UR824. Go to the DSP Mixer, Settings, and change the output of ADAT A 1-2 to Mix 1, ADAT A 3-4 to Mix 2, ADAT A 5-6 to Mix 3, and ADAT A to Mix 4.

Then setup each Mix to have only the desired input turned up and panned accordingly (Mix 1 - Analog 1 panned left, Analog 2 panned right, everything else pulled down, Mix 2 - Analog 3 panned left, Analog 4 panned right, everything else pulled down, etc).

Also, I would highly recommend running a word clock cable from the “Master” UR 824 to both the 2nd UR824 and the other ADAT convertor device. Be sure to setup the 2nd UR to follow Word Clock in it’s settings.

Then disconnect the 2nd UR824 and it will remember those settings as a free-standing device. I hope this information helps.

Thanks, I think I understand.

So next question:

Lets say I have 3 UR824s, giving me 24 channels. and I want to swap out one of those with a 3rd party ADAT interface. and be able to swap it back in again.

Is it possible to set this up so that I have 2 alternate configurations set up as ‘profiles’.

1)24 channels UR824+UR824+UR824
2)24 channels UR824+UR824+3rd party ADAT

and if that is possible, once I set up these two profiles up can I switch between them just by switching the light pipe connectors?

Basically what I want to be able to do is hot-swap the 3rd party interface in and out, just by switching the light pipe

The Master UR824 will not know there was a difference between the 3rd UR824 and the 3rd party device (it just sees an incoming ADAT signal). I would suggest also switching the Word Clock cables so the 3rd device is following Word Clock.

OK that’s awesome thanks

Is it possible to get more that 24 recording / playback channels with two ur824 in parallel and one (or two) ADAT external converters connected in each ur824? This way I could get a much as 48 i/o channels.