Two USB-eLicensers ????

After being sooOOOOooo disappointed with my full version of Kontakt, I am interested in Halion Sonic 2, however it seems like Cubase it requires a USB-eLicense thumb drive to be in the PC. This would mean I have to tie up 2 USB ports on my PC? [Isn’t this like 1990s technology]

Can somebody verify this, that a USB-eLicense device is needed to run the software?

Is there someplace I can get a REAL listing of instruments Sonic 2 comes with?

Churned in Charlotte

Yes you need USB licenser for Halion Sonic.

But you can use the one you already have for Cubase.
It can store multiple licenses.

I have Cubase, Halion, Groove Agent and several instrument sets licenses all on one dongle.

Yeah, you can keep all licenses in one dongle.

A complete preset list would take a while to make because Halion Sonic 2 has like over 2500 presets, but it comes with almost every instrument specified by General MIDI with the exception of stuff that rarely gets any use such as bagpipes and solo tubas. This is no General MIDI synth though: most instruments have every playable note sampled at multiple velocities, and many come with multiple articulations such as pizzicato, muted notes and shakes.

And of course it has a ton of synth sounds. These aren’t sample based. Rather, they are synthesized in real time using Halion’s virtual analog synth engine and are heavily editable.

If you buy this don’t forget to play with the Quick Control knobs near the bottom of the window. You can often get the instruments to sound exactly the way you want by just messing with them a bit.

First :: Thanks for replying.

Are there instructions on how to manage 2 licenses on one dongle???

Plug both keys on the same computer.
open the elicenser software.
drag and drop licenses from one key to another.