Two versions of CUBASE 12 - same computer

I know many people asked regarding two versions on cubase on one computer.
My question is regarding two versions of Cubase 12. (12.0 + 12.0.2)
Reason is: Cubase 12 allows me to work on Ambisonic while 12.0.2 crashes it.
Cubase 12.0.2 allows for Atmos engine. Which isn’t available on 12.0.



No problem at all to do this on Mac.

If you are on Windows, you can do this too. You can install one of Cubase instance to other but default location. But this is not officially supported way and you might have an issue while updating later on.

What about to use two systems on the computer?

Thank you Martin,
On Mac I couldn’t find the way to do it. Installing 12.0 on to of 12.0.20 won’t add another version, and the other way around would only update the software.


Install Cubase 12 rename it to Cubase 12.0.0. Install Cubase 12.0.20. Done.

Or the other way around.

Incredibly simple. Thank you @Martin.Jirsak !!