Two versions of Cubase on my PC

Hi - I’ve just upgraded from 10.5 AI to 10.5 Pro and i got a free upgrade to Pro 11. So i now have both 11 and 10.5 installed on my computer. Question is do i need both? or can i remove 10.5 (assuming 11 is better …and not in a Spinal Tap way…)



I’ve got 10, 10.5, and 11 installed. The actual folders for Cubase aren’t that big…if you have problems in the latest version you can just open the next one back :slight_smile:


You don’t need the older versions… but you are able to use them…

gotcha - apologies new to this…i’ve noticed in my downloader i’ve got shed loads of other goodies…for example Halion Sonic 3…ive downloaded that but how do i get that into Cubase 11?

Just install it… maybe it’s already there and you perform just an update

i installed it but it’s installed to my pc…will cubase automatically install it then?

normally yes… you can add some content… and check out Groove Agent… :wink: