Two versions of Wavelab.

Is it possible to use two copies of Wavelab 9.5
on a pc(with two soundcards)?
I cannot figure out how to get this to work.
Thanks in advance

You mean, to run two versions in the same time on the same PC?

Yes in a pitch and catch system.

What is your use case?

I use the multichannel mode mostly Set up the following way
Track one,source track with plugs if needed. routed to o/p 1&2> mastering desk through analogue prosessors > i/p 1&2 and
Placed onto tracks 5&6 for final limiting.
Track two same track flat to monitor path on
Desk for a/b level matched comparison.
Track 3 final limiter routed to o/p & d2a 5&6

I want to be able to limit at the same time
As you can with the external gear plug in,but
this does not seem to work with the multichannel mode (or maybe i would need
to connect an adda loop to all o/p’s which i have not tried because i only need to process
2 channels)
So i put anoither Rme aes 32 in the Pc with the
Intention of using two versions of Wavelab
One as a multitrack and the other in stereo mode.
I also cut lacqers and want to be able to
save versions with/out the final limiter without
having to run every track twice.
Hope this makes sense as i sm typing tjis on my phone :blush:

You can add this line:



AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\Startup.ini

But this is not officially supported. Especially, if you change some setting in one instance, don’t expect it to be synchronized with the other version.
IOW, “use this at your own risks”

First impressions are good.
Thanks for your help on this.

I’m very interested in your process. Could you please expand on the capture piece? Do you actually Record the input back from Analog?

Yes op1> analouge loop > ip1 same instance
Of Wavelab,I want to run 2 instances so i can
add the final limiter at the same time.
I use a Prism sound Ada8xr and a mastering desk so i can monitor every stage of the path,I have used this config since Wlb6.

How/Where do you insert the limiter in the 2 instances scenario?

Where do you insert the limiter in the 2 instances scenario?

Although I have not tried it as yet,I plan to insert the final limiter on the stereo bus of the 2nd instance and route the i/p through it.
After adding the code Wlb started misbehaving as PG suggested it may, This was fixed by saving the different sound card routing as presets eg card 1 card 2 etc