Two very small annoyances

Two very small things that I find annoying. ’

-Switch between concert and transposed pitch: why can I not click on the small indicator at the bottom of the screen and change.

  • stop slur “mode”: starting slurs work with S but not stopping it…

You start a slur with S, and you end it with ShiftS. That way, you can ‘nest’ slurs on top of one another, which is sometimes needed.


This works the same as other nestable items, like tuplets: ; to start one, shift; to end one.

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You can assign your own key commands for switching to Concert Pitch and Transposing Pitch, if that helps? Preferences > Key Commands

My solution for this was to assign a Jump Bar alias, “tlt”, to toggle the transposition. It’s very easy to type “Jtlt.”

I love the Jump Bar.


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As stated: very small annoyances. Friendly rants. In a program with thousands of functions I find two things annoying. This is I believe really great.

But a bit of rambling: As everything else is clickable and behaves as expected these two things are not. The marker for concert / transposed could be clickable. (Not a developer here, so maybe very diffecult to implemetnt).

And as for slurs: every other “mode” is click once to enable, click again to disable. Except for slurs, click again and you get two slurs. Guess it is too late to change, but it would make more sense (for me, as this is my rant … ) to have Shift-S as add one more slur. As annoying as my bassoon having an “octave down” key and my contrabasson instead having two “octave up” keys. I know, simply need to do more scales but still annoying to me. Well, I will learn of course and have it in my fingers in a while.

As for user key shortcuts: I tend to avoid these as, possibly, in a future update my favourite key shortcut ingrained in my fingers will be assigned to something different that I want a shortcut for as well. Learning / relearning.

@benwiggy I’ve found that sometimes nested slurs mess up playback in NotePerformer. (Not sure if this is true of other VSTs, as I only use NotePerformer.) Fortunately, suppressing playback on the inner slurs solves the problem. (The ability to suppress playback on non-note items is an absolutely brilliant feature of Dorico, IMO.)

@ghellquist depending on why you’re switching between concert/transposing frequently, you could perhaps set yourself up with another full score layout that’s set to the other one, and switch between those layouts rather than changing the transposition in the one you’re viewing. Just as an option :slight_smile:

Slurs – starting a slur (S) creates a notation that exists in the music; this is a bit different philosophically to turning e.g. note input or Insert mode on/off, as “note input” and “Insert mode” doesn’t appear as items on the page. Therefore, S always inputs/starts a slur (both inside and outside note input), just as Shift-P always opens the playing techniques popover, or < starts/inputs a crescendo dynamic. Gradual dynamics, slurs, and tuplets all have a different, but related, key command to stop them after they’ve been started during note input. This might not be your personal preference, but it is consistent.

To be clear, this is not really complaining and I do not want to make a big thing about this. Just wanting to point to two inconstences in the GUI which had me confused in the learning process. I know how to use the program and have no problems with these two issues in daily usage. Just an old man rambling…

Look at the tool palette: everything except for slurs works the same way. Click once to “enter mode”, click again to “stop” mode.

Look at the bottom bar, most everything is clickable and makes some change. (Bar and tuplet are only information and not clickable).

So do I.

(Don’t tell my wife.)

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I think you make a good point about consistency of the GUI. We all agree there are several ways to switch between transposed and concert pitch, but why WOULDN’T that status bar item be a toggle? It makes perfect sense.

And regarding the bar number being info only, I’d like to pitch the idea of a clock on the bar info launching a modeless navigator panel that could be open all the time and would automatically refresh itself when we opened other layouts or moved within the current layout. By default, the navigator would have one line for each flow visible in the current layout, with that like showing the flow name.

Each line would have a (+) expander that would reveal milestones within the flow. These could be subject to filter settings, but could include rehearsal marks, double bars, tempo changes, comments, etc.

In the navigator panel, a single click would take you immediately to the clicked item.

(And also optionally set the playback cursor.)

At this stage of development, I believe a navigator panel would yield more time saving than anything else I can think of.

Here’s a mock-up:
The orange bar represents where the playback cursor is at the moment. Maybe there would be a way to visualize where there currently are selections. It would also be great to have separate navigators open for multiple projects, and be able to drag and drop flows between projects.