Two video files in project

Hi all! Does anybody know how to have two videos in one project?
When i import the second video file, it lies on the first video, but not below it.
I need to play both videos at the same time. Thank you! Petr

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is not possible in Cubase, sorry.

Maybe this is then a big misunderstanding (from “What’s new in Cubase 12”):

For audio professionals, we have added several new features from our advanced postproduction system Nuendo. These include the option to add a second video track, a fourth MixConsole, and to export multiple selected events at once. Thanks, Nuendo!

@Biochip please verify the info you post is accurate.

The question was, can two videos be played simultaneously, and Martin answered correctly.

Two video tracks can be created.

That’s why I said it is maybe a big misunderstanding. I also was in the assumption you could now playback two video tracks at the same time, d’oh(?). So just saying why people come to the question “where is my second video playback”?

Hi Martin,
Thanks - as an addon to this question- I understand you cannot play two videos simultaneously but how can I switch the video player between the two video tracks? So not simultaneously, just one at a time. I can’t see how this is possible and it leaves me wondering what use this feature really is. I’m a TV composer who now needs to do a conform thinking “Great! There’s a new video track to help!” but having a video track on the timeline alone isn’t much use unless I zoom it to frame level. Or am I missing something?


The video in the lower track is always played back (send to the screen). So you can cut it and rearrange so the bottom is playing.


Just to add that muting the lower video track exposes the upper video. A nice way to switch between the two


The video tracks in Cubase work in the same way as in any video editing program. That means, when you overlay two video clips on two separate tracks, of course only one video is visible at a time.

The main difference is that video visibility in Cubase is not in conformance with the standard in the video editing world, as the lower video track has priority over the upper video track.
This is confusing, and should be corrected in my opinion.

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Excellent - thanks for your answers Martin, Alexandre and Maestro - couldn’t find anything online about this and, for me at least, it’s not so intuitive. I was looking for a button a la Marker tracks to make one active over the other - but now I know, muting the lower video makes the upper one show through.

Hmm, I see a Project Logical editor “Toggle” preset coming up…

I still don’t understand how to get this to work? I don’t see a toggle button or anything?

Which part is giving you a headache?

Mute the bottom vid the top one plays
unmute the bottom vid the bottom one plays.

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