Two video windows for ADR

I will perform ADR sessions for a short film and I want to have the video window twice. One in my first display where I have All Nuendo windows and other in the secondary display in full screen for the talent.
Is there an easy and cheap way to do this.
Thanks for your kind help.

Hdmi splitter?


1.- I can add a secondary display and duplicate screen, but the talent will see the Nuendo project window that is distracting.
2.- I can move the video window to the secondary display, but I cannot see the video.
3.- I can add a third display with a splitter. A lot of displays… :slightly_frowning_face:

With Premiere I can send the video to the secondary display in full screen while I see it in the project display. I would like to have the same way in Nuendo.

Blackmagic Decklink

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Yes… this is suggested in the operations manual… But I have a laptop…
The usb-c declink will work?

Yes and then split the hdmi two your talents screen.

Well, you won’t be able to use the “window” AND Blackmagic Output at the same time, so this won’t help I think.

Don’t think this will work.
The device will not be detected by Nuendo.


Thank you everybody for your help.

Why not? I have an older version of this and it works just fine. Unless the usbc version is specifically not working…

100% these devices work with Nuendo. We use 4 of them at our studios as the primary outputs.
However, you need to hook up BOTH your screens to the output of these.
Which means getting an additional SDI to HDMI convertor. They’re cheap ish. About $70USD from memory.

So signal flow is
Nuendo Video ----> BM Ultrastudio Monitor --HDMI–> Video 1
-—SDI—> BM Convertor–HDMI–>Video 2
The split into two occurs @ the ultra studio.
There are of course many other ways to achieve this - but they go up in complexity and desirability depending on application.
Something to keep in mind when using this method is that unless your TV’s / monitors are identical, they will have different delays. You will need to prioritise 1 of them when setting the offset inside Nuendo. The only way around this is to use equipment that can have different delays for multiple outputs, and that starts to get expensive quickly. We use a large 24 input 40 output SDI switcher here, and it doesn’t have individual delays. However, we use the same brand of monitors for the most part - at least for primary (important sync) displays.

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Thank you @Brendan_Woithe1 for your kind help.
The BM Ultrastudio monitor is a bit expensive for a non-professional project and I need two external monitors anyway.
So I can do the same with an HDMI splitter (I have a cheap one). Not the same quality as the Blackmagic devices, but certainly enough for a non-professional project.

What I mean is that Nuendo will not recognize the BM device as being an extra output.
Studio=>Studio Setup=> Video=>Video Player => Device.


Ok perhaps we need to define what an extra output is. I have had the BM box running as my video output (instead of the hdmi out in the mac) to my projector. This worked fine until I updated to silicon mac. I have notbyet bought the new usb-c version so cannot say if it works.

What we are suggesting is that the studio should setup 2 identical hdmi enabled monitors with ideally identical delay. Also get the BM hdmi output device and split that signal to both monitors. (How to split is already explained). Test sync with beep and countdown and set delay for the whole chain.

Then both the talent and the engineer can watch the sync video output from nuendo.
It is not exactly like in Premiere, it is better though because the engineer sees the same video in sync.

What this box won’t give is another desktop screen output.

I hope this clears things up.

A cheap and workable but not ideal way (it can be a bit clunky) is to buy an application called Vidplay VST. It costs some 30 dollars (so it’s cheap and workable).
You add an instrument track and insert the Vidplay VST. You can then sync it up and use this for your own video viewing while opening the Nuendo video window on a secondary monitor (full screen, with ADR) for the talent.


One thing I would actually like to see is to display the video track in two different ways at the same time for ADR – with the overly and without. Directors often like to check everything in context and want to see the video during pre and post roll while the talent usually insists on black overlays. ATM I have to sync up a second video player in order to do that.

Hi @Big-L
Yes, it is not perfect, but its enough for me.
Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome, glad to hear it works for you, I sometimes use it too, can be a “life” saver!

Ah - I see. YES @Fredo you are of course 100% correct.

The only other way around this on a Mac is to duplicate, and run them in sync with each other.

Then one app outputs via blackmagic, and the other outputs onto the screen.

Works PERFECT - though it takes a bit to setup. You need to of course load the same video file into both Nuendo sessions (and run TWO different sessions - you can’t safely have the same Nuendo session opened in two version of the Nuendo app.
I’ve used this workflow for years - but for different reasons. For us it was to visually compare two videos at the same time.

Oh and by the way @klfnk2020 the new Blackmagic thunderbolt (usb-c) boxes run well on the apple silicon Macs. We have retired all our old boxes as we are 100% apple silicon for workstations now.