two voice stems aligned/not aligned and note spacing

I know that one can set two voice staves to have v1/v2 chords with stems aligned or not aligned, but is there a way to override in some circumstances? I’m trying to recreate the engraving of a Strauss song, and there are places where the piano part needs to be each of those two ways.

Maybe related, what does Note Spacing Change do? I can insert a Note Spacing Change marker, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to do anything.

David Froom

You didn’t include a picture of what you want to do, but I guess this is related to your earlier thread somehow.

Try experimenting with the “voice column index” property in the Control panel for the individual notes. Notes in the same column (0, 1, 2, etc) will be stacked vertically. The successive column numbers will be aligned horizontally from left to right.

I don’t think Note Spacing Change is implemented yet, but it’s probably to alter the space between successive notes, not the notes within a chord. For example, if you have a section of music mostly in half and quarter notes, followed by a section mostly in 16th and 32nd notes, you might want the default note spacing to be wider for the shorter note values.

That solved it! Nice to know.