Two voices from one part

Hello Dorico users
I’d like my flute part to play back with a piccolo too. How can I get two voices to play from one stave, pls?

You can’t do that directly in Dorico, because each instrument can only be routed to a single endpoint at the moment. There was some discussion about how to do this using the ARIA Player recently in this thread.

Mnatseah, are you simply wanting to create an instrument change in the score? Creating Instrument Changes in Dorico | Setup Mode in Dorico - YouTube

It may be you’re asking for something different related to playback and samples. If so, disregard my comment, but just making sure…

Can you not also do it in Halion using the midi tab? Just add an additional instrument in the rack somewhere, and then point the midi channel to the same channel as your flute/base instrument.
two instruments same channel.JPG

That is, assuming you only care about playback and flute/piccolo will both be reading from the same part and and they’re both playing at all times…

Hello Snakeeyes021
Yes, that is just what I’m after. But when I look at the Halion rack, I don’t see what you see. This is what I see (next to yours).

And when I click the MIDI tab, I see even less resemblance.
And I don’t see any way to add a piccolo to channel 1.
Any ideas?

So, it turns out our racks look slightly different because I hadn’t updated to HALion Sonic SE 3 when I updated to 2.2 (I’m so used to only updating the core program itself that I didn’t even notice HALion had an update). I’ve now updated and should be able to show you more exactly what needs to happen and where.

I was going to try typing up an explanation for you, and even though it’s a fairly simple operation, it was getting somewhat complicated using just words, so I recorded a quick youtube video that will maybe be of better assistance. It may or may not be mostly things you already know how to do, but hopefully what you need is also in there somewhere. Cheers!